Kraków and Małopolska Region Film Production Database

The Krakowski Klaster Filmowy (Krakow Film Cluster) is an association of professional film industry companies, organizations and experienced individual artists operating in the Małopolska Region. The cluster brings together over 300 representatives of the film industry and offers full range of production, filmimg and postproduction services. It is also a platform for cooperation, exchanging information, promotional, education and innovation.

Full range of production, filming and post-production services
The Cluster’s range of services covers all stages of film production. Collaboration with the Cluster helps in effective film production in Małopolska. The range of services offered are addressed to producers from outside the region, foreign as well as Polish. Members of the Cluster include rental houses which offer professional filming equipment, production companies which can join international projects as co-producers, as well as line producers who will lead the production in the region as part of the production service. The Cluster also includes companies offering professional casting, selection of set locations, works in the area of building decorations or image and sound post-production. The Cluster is a production conglomerate which can execute any film project in the south of Poland thanks to its members. It ensure both all-inclusive production service and single services delivered by specific companies.

Support in developing a project
The Cluster is eager to collaborate in development of an international and national projectc from the very onset of its idea the support at production stage. We offer assistance in polishing the script, preparing production packages and acquiring filming funds. We encourage you to submit your feature film scripts and ideas for documentaries. We offer collaboration with smaller, as well as large scale projects.

General Director of Krakow Film Cluster – Aneta Zagórska

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Production Department – Aneta Zagórska

Postproduction Department – Marcin Lech

Service and Rental Department – Bartłomiej Gocał

Organizations and Independent Artists Department – Sylwia Kicka

Public Relations and Marketing – Ewa Szkudlarek
phone: +48 601 306 992