Kraków and Małopolska Region Film Production Database

The lab primarily serves the production and postproduction of films, games and commercials, and the editing of audio and video effects using specialist software and hardware.

Multilab also rents camera, lighting, sound, and photo equipment. The offer includes a Red Dragon 6K camera with grip and a set of Compact Prime lenses (Carl Zaiss), DitoGear™ OmniSlider Evolution Motion Control Kit grip, IDS (Indie Dolly System) dolly system, ROAD JIB PRO camera crane, and FREEFLY MOVI M10 gimbal kit.

For foreign and Polish producers filming in Kraków we have prepared 5 fully furnished production rooms and a conference hall with fast Internet connection to allow efficient and comfortable organisation of production in the region.
Producers, special effects experts, editors and designers, i.e. representatives of the small and medium-size enterprises in the creative sector, and schools are welcome to make use of preferential conditions while using the lab.

The Lab consists of:

  • COLOUR CORRECTION / GRADING – two studios for film colour correction / grading using DaVinci Reslove software, and furnished with Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 and Barco DP4K-P digital postproduction projector
  • CINEMA HALL – a reference cinema hall for screening and testing DCPs made in our studio
  • WORKSTATION SERVICES – an open space studio with 24 high-power workstations with specialist software and access to rendering farm
  • EDITING STUDIOS – 5 separate editing rooms, with workstations supporting specialist software for film editing (Avid, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere)
  • 3D SCANNER – Eve-Spider 3D type (Artec)
  • MOTION CAPTURE – an optical markerless system by Organic Motion
  • PHOTO ATELIER with lighting and shadow-less shooting table, ideal for packshot sessions

Multilab runs you from the first shot to the DCP copy. Perfectly!

Multilab – Marcin Lech
m: +48 887 772 877
lab: +48 794 280 220, +48 12 640 19 50
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