Kraków and Małopolska Region Film Production Database


Adrian Konarski is a young Polish film and theater music composer, graduate of the Composition, Conducting and Music Theory faculty at Krakow Music Academy (2000). His music has a recognizable melodic style and interesting harmony, associated with the change of light and time. He composes both for film and theater.

Fiction films:

– 2014 Citizen (Obywatel), dir. Jerzy Stuhr

– 2014 Close Ups (Zbliżenia), dir. Magdalena Piekorz

– 2012 Continuity, dir. Philippe More

– 2008 Drowsiness (Senność), dir. Magdalena Piekorz

– 2004 Karzimierz is Closed, dir. Borys Lankosz

– 2004 The Welts (Pręgi), dir. Magdalena Piekorz

Documentary Films:

– 2015 Raj na ziemi, dir.Cecylia Malik

– 2013 Absolutely Modern, dir. Philippe Mora

– 2008 Edelman Commander, dir. Artur Więcek

– 2007 Grandfather (Dziadek), dir. Bruno Szczapinski

– 2007 An Interrupted Flight, dir. Magdalena Piekorz

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