Kraków and Małopolska Region Film Production Database


Lwowska 2a/54 
30-548 Kraków

Founded in 2010 by Anna Zajaczkowska. A company based in Krakow. Afilm for many years has successfully worked with renowned artists from Poland as well as the rest of the world. Afilm has come to gain numerous awards from the most prestigious international festivals. Afilm produces documentary and promotional films, manages feature film productions, provides services across all ranges of the film production spectrum to filmmakers from Poland as well as from abroad.


– 2016 Die Familie dir. Constanze Knoche – line producer

– 2015 24 dir. By Vikram Kumar – unit production manager

– 2014 Dew dir. Denjal Hasanovic – line producer

– 2014 Bangistan dir. Kiran Anshuman – unit production manager

– 2011/12 RHYTHM prod. Vicky Films – line producer

– 2011/12 Innocence dir. Daria Woszek – producer

– 2010 Fidelity dir. Daria Woszek – producer

– 2010 AZAAN dir. Prashant Chadha – polish chapter location manager

– 2010 THE HOUSE dir. Zuzana Liova – polish chapter production supervisor


– 2016 Czeski Pepik dir. by Filip Remunda and Vit Kluzak – production mamager

– 2014 Around my family table dir. Ase Svenheim Drivenes – production supervisor

– 2013 The W. Sisters beauty salon dir. Jakub Stożek – producer

– 2013 The View of Cracow dir. Magdalena Piekorz – production supervisor

– 2011/12 You will be a legend dir. Marcin Koszałka – production supervisor

– 2011/12 Lust killer dir. Marcin Koszałka – production supervisor

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Place name: Kraków.