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Andrzej is a film director and screenwriter. Educated on Jagiellonian University in Krakow, journalism and a political science. He writes documentary film screenplays – included for Discovery Channel, writing and directing tv shows for polish public and commercial tv stations, and developing and directing adverts and commercials. One of his documentary films won prize on International Film Festival EKOFILM 2012 in Nowogard (Poland). His biographic film about Andrzej Wajda received a very positive opinion personally from Andrzej Wajda. Andrzej writes and directs also feature films. Nowadays (November 2016) he finished work with his short (35 minutes) independent feature film Przejście przez czerń. In the past (2009) he was the scholarship winner for creating screenplay for feature-length movie Bigbitowcy (awarded by Polish Film Institute). Previously he worked through years (2001 -2008) in TVN, one of the biggest polish commercial television. For a talk show ‘Szymon Majewski Show’ he realized over 500 short film jokes.

– 2016 Przejście przez czerń (short fiction)

– 2016 Youth is a state of mind! (promotional campaign of Małopolska Region, World Youth Day)

– 2016 Bolko Kantor. Prawy, prosty (documentry film)

– 2014 Chvaściu. Korzenie moje (documentry film)

– 2013 Z marmuru, żelaza, nadziei… (documentry film)

– 2011 Witalne krajobrazy Małopolski (documentry film)

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