Kraków and Małopolska Region Film Production Database


Wioślarska 1 
30-206 Kraków

Based in Krakow, Poland, Technosatge has marked its presence on the market for several years, offering energy and power supply services to a variety of cultural events, from classical music concerts to large open-air events. Technostage is the market leader in the south of Poland in terms of the power, volume and quantity of equipment. Silentenergy brand is our response to the market demand – we offer super silent power generators used in film production. Technostage offers a full array of power generators from 2 kVA to 1000kVA, with parallel work arrangment option, supplemented by cabling, switchgears and cable protectors. Since 2014, electrical and fuel heating was added to the offer. On and off road transport available as well as our team of dedicated and experienced technicians.

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Place name: Kraków.